Compound Production Facility

Zeta Rubber produces rubber compounds based on customers' specifications in its production facility at Çevre Industrial Site inside İkitelli Organized Industrial Zone with an annual capacity of 1200 mt.

In production, rubber types EPDM, NBR, SBR, CR, HNBR, ACM, ECO, FKM, IIR and VMQ are used. In order to meet the customer specifications, most economical recipes are developed by laboratory scale mixing machinery and all physical and chemical test are conducted at this stage.



In order to maintain continuous compound quality, every batch is sampled and tested in the laboratory. Some of our test devices are rheometer, tensile elongation test device, durometer, density meter, precision scale, drying oven, furnace, microscope, compression set, ageing test device and abrasion tester. All test equipment are calibrated and checked regularly.



  • Nitrosamine-free Compounds
  • Nonflammable Compounds
  • KTW Approved Compounds
  • WRAS Approved Compounds
  • Aks Boot Compounds
  • Ring Compounds


  • Low Density Sponge Compound
  • High Density Sponge Compound


  • Soft Gasket Compound
  • Hard Gasket Compound
  • High Temperature Gasket Compound
  • Oil Resistant Gasket Compound


  • Oil Resistant Seal Compound
  • Heat Resistant Seal Compound
  • Fuel Resistant Seal Compound


  • LPG Hose Inner Layer Compound
  • LPG Hose Outer Layer Compound
  • Radiator Hose Compound
  • Fuel Hose Compound
  • Hot Water Hose Compound


  • Colored Shoe Sole Compound
  • Black Shoe Sole Compound
  • Abrasion Resistant Colored Boot Sole Compound
  • Antistatic Colored Boot Sole Compound
  • EVA Sole Compound


  • Antistatic Roll Compound
  • Hypalon Roll Compound
  • XNBR Roll Compound
  • Sponge Roll Compound


  • Wiper Compound
  • Window Profile Compound
  • Fender Compound
  • Anti-Vibration Compound
  • Ebonite Compound
  • Butyl Compound